Moon wicker basket

₹ 799.00

This natural handwoven basket has been handwoven by the traditional artisans of Kashmir using generations-old techniques. The Willow wicker that is used to make these sturdy baskets grows only in Kashmir in India. 

The result: baskets that are as strong as they are beautiful. A renewable resource that's utilized for its strength and flexibility, eco-friendly and sustainable. 

These baskets can be used as a décor item in many rustic or Boho styles to pop a fresh color to your house corners. They will flow an earthy breath through your house and surprise your guests by its fine aesthetics.

Note on dimensions:
Because each basket has been crafted completely by hand, exact measurements may vary slightly.
  • Keep the baskets away from moisture.
  • Do keep the baskets out in the sun once in a while to avoid any dampness or fungus.
  • In case of mold formation, brush the basket and sun-dry it, or wipe the basket with white vinegar and sun-dry.
  • Painted baskets are hand-painted using natural colors. So, longevity depends upon your care.
  • Additionally If moldy, wet, and dry.

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