Say NO to Plastic

Reasons to Ditch Plastic and Paper Bags and Start Using Reusable Produce Bags?

You must have understood by now that reusable mesh produce bags are always a better alternative to plastic or paper bags as it reduces environmental impact and makes your life healthier.

Why everyone is talking about reusable mesh produce bags and why they are becoming the preferred choice among consumers? If you are planning to buy these bags or interested to know about the benefits, here are a few factors you need to understand.

Creating less amount of waste

Reusable produce bags generate much lesser waste than paper or plastic ones. You can use these bags multiple times instead of throwing a bag and purchasing a new one every time you pick up your fruits and vegetables from the store. Paper and plastic bags create a lot of waste during production as they are made in huge quantities, the chemicals used are more harmful, and a massive amount of waste is created when you throw these bags away. When you throw away these plastic bags after one or two uses, they end up in the landfill and tons of them are blown into the water bodies or local land habitats. It is estimated by the year 2050, there will be less fish and more plastic in the ocean, and plastic grocery bags account for the majority part. Therefore, by switching to reusable produce bags, there will be a significant reduction in waste and encourage other shoppers to buy reusable ones.

Absence of micro-plastic poisons and less cluster at home

Many people are not aware of the fact that plastic bags are bad for our health. There are tiny micro-plastics on these bags that are not visible with the naked eye rubs off on your food and ultimately end up eating those harmful plastics. Studies show a person eats a debit card worth of plastic in just seven days. When using reusable mesh produce bags, your health will be in much better condition as these bags are made from cotton that generally does not contain any plastics to spread in your food.

Everyone has that drawer of plastic baggies from the grocery store; we keep cramming the produce bags in there although we are very much aware that we will never do anything meaningful with them. Over time, more and more plastic bags pile up, but using the reusable ones, you can easily eliminate this clutter and free up precious space in your house.

Stronger and keeps food fresh for a long time

One of the worst things about plastic and paper bags is they break very easily. If you put more than five big oranges, the bag will freak out and your fruits will start rolling all over the place. However, the reusable ones are made of natural or synthetic fibers that are much stronger and can easily handle large quantities of groceries.

More importantly, the reusable bags keep your food fresher for a long period as it allows the food to breathe through their threads or netting and does not contaminate the food with the microplastics that we have mentioned earlier.